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Finally! REMIS Snacks are now in bulk stores! Our concern for zero-waste has brought us to rethink the current delivery networks already in place. All depending on your needs, our delivery concept with food-grade consignment bulk-buckets is a great news! PEARS, APPLES, SWEET POTATOES, FRESH BLENDS from Quebec, all certified organic by Quebec Vrai and local by Aliments Québec will be sure to meet your client’s demands and needs for eco-friendly products.

A wide variety of dehydrated elements

Our citrus powders of LEMON, ORANGE, AND GRAPEFRUIT can now enhance your smoothies, pastries, cookies, and tarts. You will fall in love with our dehydrated fruits and vegetables of Quebec. We have over 25 years of expertise and we love what we do! To add value to fruits and vegetables of Quebec, as much as possible, in a zero-waste mentality is part of our core values. Check out our bulk products on the online shop or Ask us for our bulk product price list.

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