REMIS carrot-lemon


The regular size contains 16 to 18 REMIS Crackers. Each bag has a reusable ziplock opening system to maintain freshness after opening.

Regular format : 84g

*Price subject to change according to seasons and arrivals.

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charte valeur nutritive betteraves pommesREMIS crackers are a healthy fruits and vegetables beet and apple organic snack. An excellent source of vitamins, they are 100% organic, vegan, without gluten, added sugar, nuts, wheat, dairy products, additives, artificial colour or preservation agents, which make them unique and irreplaceable!

They can be consumed at home, at the office, at school (easy to put in a lunch bag!), in the car or on your next hike. In fact, they are perfect to support us all in our next fitness challenge, or simply on the road away from home.

The REMIS can be eaten in plain simplicity or can accompany a protein or carb of your choosing; humus, cheese, vege-pâté, fauxmage, shrimp, etc.

An easy snack that is nutritious. An alternative to eat veggies differently.

A product certified organic by Quebec Vrai.

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84 g




Beets*, apples*, quinoa*, kale*, ground sunflower seeds*, hulled hemp seeds*.
May contain: soy, sesame.

*Organic raw certified by Québec Vrai


The Crackers can be stored for one (1) year in a dry place at room temperature (16 to 25 degrees Celsius). After opening the bag, the shelf life is three (3) months.


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