Custom-made Dehydration of fruits and vegetable

Each project has value and our mission is to develop strong and long-lasting partnerships based on authenticity. Our facility allows us to cater to your needs and create custom dehydrated produce.

Add a little organic to your production

Each lot of dehydrated fruit and vegetable is organically certified by Quebec Vrai. Did you know that people in Quebec already consume organic ingredients, and that at least 20% of them are on a daily basis? Canada is the fifth largest market of organic products in the world!

People are more and more informed, and take the protection of our environment to heart. Their motivation to buy organic and locally continues to grow year after year. Many have become ambassadors of organic products, prioritizing eating healthy and putting organic products in their grocery basket even if it comes at a greater cost. Organic and local products is not just a trend, it is here to stay, it is a lifestyle that is now part of our values as a society and as a business to remain ecologically-conscious. Be part of that world! A world without contaminants, pesticides, additives, herbicides or chemical fertilizers. A world where you can incorporate to your products by using 1.2.3. Santé to transform your fruits and vegetables so that your products too can promote a better health and a healthier lifestyle.

Transformation industry

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