About 1.2.3. Santé

1.2.3. Santé is also the dehydration of organic foods.

1.2.3. Santé has a great production capacity to dehydrates foods; mainly organic raw fruits and vegetables, to reduce the humidity levels and prevent bacteria, mold and fungus propagation, which will increase the produces’ shelf-life and will reduce their weight and volume for a more ecologically-friendly transport.

These foods promote an easier lifestyle and help better manage family meal planning. All dehydrated foods can be kept in a dry area, or in the fridge or freezer for many weeks, even months for most. Learn more about our dehydration services.

1.2.3. Santé is the birth of the REMIS

“ It hit us during the Saint-Remi walk during the spring of 2014, a walk that took us from Magog to the Gaspe region. We lived first-hand the lack of nutritious snacks in remote areas of Quebec. So much so that we had a hard time finding a good snack during these 925 km ”

“ As soon as we returned home, we took to our lab kitchen to incorporate the element of dehydration in our recipe, which would ensure the production of a healthy snack that had a long shelf-life and was easy to transport on all our adventures ”

We launched the REMIS crackers made of raw organic vegetables, which are created by our artisans in our 6000 square feet facility in Magog, nestled in the Eastern Townships; Quebec.

1.2.3. Santé and the organic aspect

Here is a brief overview of the REMIS Cracker’s history:

“ It all started when we departed on the Chemin Saint-Rémi in the spring of 2014… ”

“… to incorporate the dehydration process in our recipe would allow for a healthy snack, with a long shelf-life and easy to bring everywhere…”

For the fabrication and dehydration process of the organic REMIS Crackers, check it out here.