REMIS Crackers now in the Lufa Farm Baskets

Since March 2019, REMIS Crackers are now offered in the online farmer’s market Lufa Farms, another source to find our dehydrated organic vegetable crackers!

The Lufa Farms, what is that?

First, their vision is that of a city with rooftops filled with gardens, allowing people who life there to grow and be autonomous.

The business launched its first commercial rooftop garden in 2011 in a building in Montreal. By benefiting of this unused space, they capture rain water to have it irrigate the gardens, they minimize energy consumption, they compost organic waste and use organic predators instead of pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. Lufa Farms has managed to offer members vegetables freshly produced each day.

The farm produces over 70 types of vegetables that feed thousands of people each week. Lufa Farms is also associated to local growers and artisans, such as 1.2.3. Santé, to offer hundred of fresh, local and eco-friendly products on their online farmer’s marketplace.

“We cultivate the ambition to reinvent the food chain and connect people to the source of their food. That is what pushes us to grow produce on urban rooftops, to create partnerships with farms and local produces, and offer our members all of these riches in the most direct way possible” can be read on their website.

Each week, members can select a basket of 30$ that contains fresh vegetables. They can then personalize the content by removing items they may not need – the minimum order is only 15$. Lufa Farm has assembled a network of over a hundred points of pick-up, to deliver the baskets filled with their produces and those of their partners like 1.2.3. Santé to the Lufavores as directly as possible.

To become a member, visit the Lufa Farm’s website

May REMIS be with you!

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