1.2.3. Santé is the Quebec leader of dehydration services. By collaborating with our team and our installations, you open the door to an easy production of quality organic produce and ingredients for your final products. We are a key player to your success.

Our Installations

Our organic vegetable crackers are fabricated by hand in a 6000 square feet facility located in Magog, in the Eastern Townships (Quebec). This production unit is certified by the Agriculture, Fishery and Food Ministry (MAPAQ).

Dehydration: the key-element to our fabrication

The key-element of our fabrication is the dehydration of our recipe to evaporate water and therefore dry the REMIS (95% of the water is removed). One must understand that the dehydration transforms food in the most delicate way possible. This concentrated process enhances taste while preserving the nutrients.

Low-temperature dehydration: an advantage

The dehydration at temperatures below 40 degree Celsius creates raw foods that contain enzymes that are essential to a healthy diet. It is an easy way to preserve foods… without chemicals. Finally, it is proven that dehydration has several positive impacts on ones health.

Raw Material Reception and Inspection

Upon arrival, fruits, vegetables and grains are delivered by truck and inspected meticulously to ensure quality and optimal freshness.

Storage and Refrigeration

Until they are to be used in our recipes, all dry ingredients are stored in our warehouse while more perishable goods are refrigerated in our units.

Washing and Rinsing of Fruits and Vegetables

All our raw materials are washed and rinsed to make sure that any undesired exterior agent (micro-elements) are removed.

Ingredient Cutting and Slicing

Fruits and vegetables are cut in pieces by hand to ensure optimal quality. Those who do not fit our standard quality are rejected

Precise chopping of Ingredients

In a second step, fruits and vegetables are chopped mecanically with a foot-mixer and/or slicer to obtain a consistent size.


Grains and legumes are added to the chopped fruits and vegetables to be mixed in a food processor.


Unlike the Beet-Apple and Carrot-Pear Crackers who are ready to be formed in a REMI shape, the Tomato-Kale must cure in the cold for 15-16 hours to enhance all the flavours.


Each blend goes manually through the mod to create a consistent shape and thicknes for which the REMI are known and loved.


After the forming stage, the REMIS are placed in a closed unit to be dehydrated at 40 Celsius. The dehydration process, which varies between 10 to 15 hours depending on the variety, allows to remove up to 95% of the water present in each REMIS. This process creates a cracker that has a maximum of nutrients.

Sorting and Quality Assurance

The next step is important as it allows to determine if the REMIS is right! A sample of crackers are placed on a scale. If the crackers are water-heavy, they return to the dehydration unit. If the weight is right, they are sorted and inspected. Those that to not meet the shape standards are reused in the creation of vegetable or seasoning powders.


The REMIS are placed manually in the bag. Each bag is already identified individually to indicate the lot and the Best By date for an efficient traceability.

Bag Sealing

Each bag is hermetically sealed by heat pressure, for an optimal preservation of each REMIS Cracker.

Preparation and Delivery

Each bag is placed in a box for delivery. Each box is labelled to indicate the lot and Best By dates for an optimal traceability.


Boxes are stored in a dry warehouse until the REMIS leave our production facility.



Boxes are placed on skids ready for the next truck.

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